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Join the Dartmouth CO-OP Project

The Dartmouth Primary Care Research Network’s  (the Dartmouth CO-OP) goals are to provide professional stimulation and collegial interaction among physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants, to conduct cooperative research in primary care, improve the primary care services, to improve office management technique, and to sponsor continuing education.

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Dartmouth CO-OP Charts

The Dartmouth Primary Care Research Network (the Dartmouth CO-OP Project) chart system has been developed and refined for over a decade for the purpose of making a brief, practical and valid method to assess the functional status of adults and adolescents.

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Our Projects

View our current research projects. Some of them include Teen Mental Health Project, Arsenic in Well Water Project, Smoke Free Moms and the Look and Share Project.

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Did you know? That as many as 20% of teens struggle with Depression

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Our Projects

The goal of this project is to understand how best to integrate routine well water testing for arsenic and other important health related contaminants into routine preventive clinical care at pediatric and family medicine practices in at risk regions of northern New England. 

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Adolescence is a time when mental health issues are common. Half of all lifetime mental health disorders emerge by age 14. Despite the majority of adolescents being seen every year in primary care, only a third of depressed teens are identified in the usual health visit without use of a screening tool. One in every twelve teens in rural New England at health visits screen at risk for depression or suicide.

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Maternal smoking is the most important potentially preventable risk factor in pregnancy resulting in maternal and infant complications. The current approaches to smoking cessation counseling during pregnancy have low quit rates (6%). Currently 16.4% of NH pregnant women are smokers but in some NH federally qualified health centers rates are more than double. The Smoke Free Moms project seeks to reduce smoking during pregnancy beyond what is achieved with current counseling.

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An Elementary School Intervetion for Improved Dental Screening and Oral Health Practices: Brushy Beavers and Toothy Tigers. Tooth decay is the most chronic disease of childhood. It is seven times more common than hay fever and five times
more common than asthma. There are no regional models for effective oral health screening and prevention for elementary school children in NH or VT due to strained and under-funded health care systems.

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New research shows that key stages of social interaction are being established in the second half of the first year of life. These differences are being realized in infant studies of children later diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Stephen Mott presented this research at the 2010 annual CO-OP meeting. He is working with the CO-OP to develop ways primary care clinicians can screen easily during their exam for the first signs of autism.

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