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CO-OP Charts

The Dartmouth-Northern New England Primary Care Cooperative Information Project (Dartmouth CO-OP Project) chart system has been developed and refined for over a decade for the purpose of making a brief, practical and valid method to assess the functional status of adults and adolescents. The system was developed by the Dartmouth CO-OP Project, a network of community medical practices that cooperate on primary care research activities.

The charts are similar to Snellen charts, which are used medically to measure visual acuity quickly in busy clinical practices. Each Chart consists of a title, a question referring to the status of the patient over the past 2-4 weeks, and 5 response choices. Each response is illustrated by a drawing that depicts a level of functioning or well-being along a 5 point ordinal scale. The illustration makes the Charts appear “friendly” without seeming to bias their responses. In accordance with clinical convention, high scores (i.e., patient rating of 4 or 5) represent unfavorable levels of health (life quality or social support) on each respective Chart. For example, Physical Chart responses range from 1 to 5 with a score of 5 representing major limitations.

The Charts are a simple, easily administered, self-scoring system for screening, assessing, monitoring and maintaining patient function. This system has been tested in many different practices, in both North America and elsewhere, to evaluate and establish its reliability, validity and acceptability. One set of the Charts–the WONCA version for adults–has been developed as the international standard for classifying the functional status of adult medical patients in primary care settings. The CO-OP/WONCA version of the charts which differ somewhat from the original CO-OP Charts by asking about function in the previous 2 weeks (rather than 4 weeks). The dimensions of health status measured by the health charts are: Physical, Emotional, Daily Activities, Social Activities, Social Support, Pain, and Overall Health. The adult Charts have been used widely.

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Assessment of Function

To obtain a CO-OP Chart Packet, please contact the Dartmouth CO-OP Project at 603.653.3458 or emailDeborah.J.Johnson@Dartmouth.EDU. There is a one-time $100 administrative fee. An invoice will be included when the Chart Packet is sent.