In the modern lifestyle, it becomes one of the important criteria to make yourselves look great. When you want to look good it is important to makeup.

Most people like to put makeup but still, they do not have the idea about how to make up their selves. Before making use of beauty products get to know the correct order in applying makeup.

Here is the order to you put makeup on and check out the following guide that can help you;


Primer or color corrector is generally used to correct the skin tone. You can directly make use of it over the skin.

They help you to hide your pimples and the black marks that are present over the face. At the same time, they also smoothen the skin and look evenly and they help your products stay for a longer period.


The foundation as the name implies they act as a foundation for the makeup products. Which helps you to build up other makeup.

By using the foundation, you can enhance the skin type and the tone of the skin. Suppose your skin tone is even you can skip the foundation and instead of it you apply concealer where there are dark spots over the skin.


Whenever you making use of foundation you should apply the concealer that is to avoid usage of over products and also to stop the skin appearing cakey. Through applying the concealer, you could cover the dark spots and the wrinkles over your skin.

Blush and highlighter

The blush and the highlighter which is used to hive the finishing touch to your complexion. They also increase or pop up the color on your cheeks. And with the help of higher, you can get the extra glowing skin.

Eyeliner, mascara, and eyeshadow

The eyeshadow is used to coat the eyelashes and you can improve the look of your eye using the eyeliner.



The intensity of your eyebrow gives extra complement to the rest of the makeup so shape and fill your eyebrows with the help of the eyebrow pencil. 


It is one of the easiest parts to reapply as the day’s wear on and when applying your lip color, you should be aware it should look over.

Final thoughts

This order of makeup routine you can follow this order while putting makeup over your face and before using the products get to know the purpose of it so that you can use it effectively.