A wedding is one of the unforgettable days of life for everyone especially for a woman it is the day which gives both happiness and tears in their eyes.

So this day is like a celebration in one’s life. On this day the brides and groom are the hero and heroine of the function so they should stand out from the crowd in their dressings, styles, and looks.

Getting ready for that special day is a very easy thing for the groom but for the bride, it may take a few hours to get a makeover completely. In this case, some of the brides will doubt what comes first hair or makeup? The hairstyle should be done first.

Why should the hair be done first?

While getting ready for your special day is not a simple thing that is the thing to which you should give more attention. As a bride, it is better to have the experienced makeup artist with you. They can help you in each step of a makeover.


They help you in understanding why it is better to do makeup or hair first, the reason because when you put the makeup first you become confused while doing hairstyle whether it suits your dress or not and another thing while doing makeup there should not be any disturbance over your face.

That may spoil your makeup in some instances. But when you do the hairstyle first you could do it patiently and the hairdo will take extra time. Because hair easily does not get adopted for all styles so it is tough for you to make them settle based on the style.

When you approach the experienced makeup artist they can help you effectively and before the preparation starts they will have a plan about what is the thing they are going to do in you.


By this, you could save time and the best makeup artist always suggests you perform the hairstyle at first next to dress up.

And they clear you the doubts whether the hair or makeup goes first at the same time they will act upon the situation that is provided for them. Finally, they will make a decision which will be better for you.

Final words

It is very important to know why the hair comes first than makeup so that you could prepare yourself better for your special. You can make use of this information to grasp the knowledge over it.