There is one amazing fact, that the cardiac arrest will be prevented by drinking a glass of water before going to bed.

There are some benefits of drinking water before sleep,

The following process will happen in our body

Better sleep:

A glass of water before bed helps our body to maintain the balancing level of vitamins, nutrition and Minerals. It will also balance the hormones, joints, energy levels and muscles and this makes the relax sleeps rejuvenation.


Water is one of the lubricant elements in our body. While sleeping, the human body does. Not consume water. For that reason, before going to bed, a glass of water helps to breath. Smoothly and get away from sweating and mainly used for the digestive system in the human body.


Water is also called a natural cleanser.  Throughout the day, due to external environment ours. The body will consume many toxic and outside foods and other elements. Before going to bed is the best way to clean the unwanted elements from the human muscles digestive system, skins, and various organs.



Burns calories:

A cup of cold water is a natural calorie burning. The metabolism rate will be increased; it pushes the human body to work twice. If there are no additional calories in the human body, then it will start to burn the stored calories in our body.

It is good to drink water at night but on or before 2 hours of sleep, which will not interrupt the deep sleep and warm water will increase the blood circulation and break the waste also extract the sweat will all wastage.

Hot water is one of the best ways to control weight gain. The hot water and lemon mixture will provide an additional source of vitamin C.