Everyone likes to maintain the nails in a healthy state because the nails are the thing that gives additional beauty to the hands.

At the same time, the nails are not the only thing to make the art or to put nail polish they act as an indicator of the human body before any health problem get arise the nail indicates it through their color or texture.

They are like an emergency warning to the human body. Whenever you notice your nails are becoming brittle they may be caused due to aging or due to long-term exposure of nail polish and also the nail remover.

Other than this there are still some of the reasons they include frequent exposure of nails to water, exposure to dehydration, chemicals, dry environment, nutritional deficiencies and due to some kind of trauma.

To help you in retaining your nails back here are some of the home remedies to make nails stronger;

Coconut oil

The coconut oil is the natural product that is obtained from the coconut and they are the source of saturated fat. When you start applying it for just one week you could feel the difference in your nail strength and they nourish your fingernails from the inner region. By this, you could say bye to the brittle and weak nails.

Vitamin oil

The vitamins are one of the important components which necessary for nail health and especially vitamin E is very important.

By applying the vitamin E oil over your nails you could keep your nail hydrated and they also moisturize your nails. It is one of the ways to strengthen your nails at home.

Tea tree oil

The tea tree is an effective antiseptic source they help your nail to fight against bacterial and fungal infection and they also can treat the discolored nails.

nail healthLemon juice

The lemon juice is the common ingredient that will be present in the kitchen and they can help you nails top get strengthen and they also improve the condition of brittle nails.

At the same time, they remove the dirt that gets accumulated over the nails by this your nails become brighter. There are some of the recipe for make nails stronger and you can try that also.

Final words

These are very simple remedies you can try at your home to get the stronger nails and they also help you to maintain the healthier nails. Still, there are some of the home remedies to get knowledge on it and retain your nail health back.