Nowadays peoples are being overweight, many of them should be conscious in their fat in the body. For many people gaining weight is difficult as losing for others. There are certain foods help you gain weight and also make healthy. There are many weight gain foods, some of them are listed below


Milk is the best weight gainer and also a muscle developer. It will balance the carbs and fats also vitamins and proteins. Kindly drink one to two glasses of milk daily with a meal.


Rice is also a low-cost weight gaining food. Just 165 grams contains 190 calories and also contains the carbohydrate.



Nuts and Butter:

A small number of almonds contain 7 grams of protein and also healthy fat. Kindly take 2 cups of almonds per day with your meals. Nut butter and yogurts also play a vital role in gaining weight

Potatoes and Starches:

Potatoes are easily available vegetable to gain weight. Addition to potatoes. some other foods will help to increase the glycogen in muscles

Salmon and Oily Fish:

Salmon and Fish are the extraordinary sources of fats and proteins which are healthy. This food will increase the white blood corpuscles and fight with diseases

Dry fruits:

It was high-calorie snacks and provide micronutrients and antioxidants. This type of fruits has high sugar and also with great taste and also contains fibers, vitamins, and minerals.

A combination of nuts and yogurt are blended will form healthy fat and some nutrients.


It fairly contains calorie-dense, which is around 322 calories with 17 grams of fibers. Combinations of avocados with omelets or sandwiches will provide the proteins.

Dark Chocolate:

One of the interesting food is dark chocolate, that provides antioxidants. It contains cocoa of 70 percent. Dark Chocolate has high calories (600 calories) and magnesium.

Gain weight fast with eating foods, which are mentioned above and according to the pattern were it denoted.