The nails always act as the signal alert for most of the health-related issues. Each individual will have a different nail pattern and you can feel some of the changes in your nail texture or the color of the nail. These changes simply indicate the health status of the individual.

The health of the nail always indicates the poor nutritional intake or the poor nutritional digestion that takes place in the body.

The brittle, soft and peeling are the common concern that you can see over your nails. The bendy fingernails indicate they are so soft and the reason for soft nails is due to a poor nutritional diet.

Generally, the healthy nails will be smooth along with no discoloration but when the color or texture of nail get alters, here is a guide you can refer to keep your nail-related anxieties away from you.

Causes for the change of nail texture


The rough or the splitting nails cause the crack over the nails easily and it is one of the common types of issues that is seen when it comes to nail problems.

Most often it will be seen in the women and they are officially called the onychoschizia. It is caused due to the repeated wetting and drying of fingernails.

Soft nails

This nail texture is also said to be the weak nails and this type of nails bend so easily. The soft nails may be caused through the overexposure of the moisture or chemicals. It may be anything detergent, cleaning fluids, nail treatments and also due to the nail polish remover.

It can be cured by avoiding the overexposure of the hard chemicals and it is better to make use of natural remedies to recover your nail texture.

Reason for soft nails

The main cause of bend fingernails is due to the iron deficiency in the body when the iron is a lesser amount than the required coefficient it will indicate you first through your nail color or nail texture.

nail texture

Another reason for soft nails is due to the biotin deficiency like the other components like the amino acids, glycerin it is also one of the important components required for healthy nails to maintain their health.

Final thoughts

Through the proper protein and nutritional intake, you can maintain healthy fingernails. And you should give attention to your body when your nail color or texture gets changed.

Because they are the indicators of health-related problems.