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The Look and Share Project

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The Look and SHARE Project

New research shows that key stages of social interaction are being established in the second half of the first year of life. These differences are being realized in infant studies of children later diagnosed with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder. Dr. Stephen Mott presented this research at the 2010 annual CO-OP meeting. He is working with the CO-OP to develop ways primary care clinicians can screen easily during their exam for the first signs of autism.

A pilot project is being developed with Dr. Mott and CO-OP clinicians to determine the ease of assessing this interaction in primary care and the normal age that this reciprocity develops. First clinicians will be able to observe this normal social interaction and learn how to assess on the CO-OP web site. This will ensure we all use the same approach. Then, using the CO-OP Codman card each clinician will record the age and interactions observed on infants 6-12 months seen in their office.  This will be the first step of developing and testing a clinical tool for early signs of autism.

For additional information please contact Deborah Johnson at or 603.653.3440.

Watch Look and Share Demonstration Video