Nail polish is the thing that teenage girls most likely have addiction over it and not only had the teenage peopled simply most of the girls used to like nail polish over their fingernails.

The nail polish is not the natural product mostly continuous using of nail polish over the nail without a break it can damage your nails from the inner part.

In this modern world also providing the different styles in nail polishing and one among that style is gel nail manicures. Even though they do not know whether the gel polish damage nails or not simply they just want to try it because it looks more fashionable.

Difference between the regular nail polish and gel polish

There is a lot of difference between the normal nail polish and gel polish. The normal polishes never use the UV light but the gel polish makes use of UV light to get the glossy finishing look in the fingernails.

gel manicure

The gel technology is unique that is because although they make use of the traditional nail lacquer, the gel used in it has the chemical composition.

Those chemical compositions can damage your nails. The gel nails ruin your nails from the inner and in the future, your complete nail may get damaged at the same time the nail becomes very thinner and break off easily.

The gel polish makes use of the UV light that is because the gel manicure requires the exposure of the UV light after the gel polish is done over the nails.

But the UV light is not good for human health on exposure to the human body it may also cause cancer. Everyone knows this but still, they contribute to skin damage and multiple studies are going on what it could because in the human body.

Generally, there are two types of gel polishes that are available in the market; one is soft gels and another is hard gels.

The hard gels are the traditional gels and the soft gels they are newer soak-off gels that can be removed easily without scrapping your nails. The hard gels are more damaging than the soft gels but still both of the gel polish bad for nails.

Final words

Before making use of the gel polish over your fingers get to know about what kind of side effects do they provide you in the future at the same time get the knowledge about the gel polish and the chemical used in it.