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Smoke Free Moms

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Maternal smoking is the most important potentially preventable risk factor in pregnancy resulting in maternal and infant complications. The current approaches to smoking cessation counseling during pregnancy have low quit rates (6%). Currently 16.4% of NH pregnant women are smokers but in some NH federally qualified health centers rates are more than double. The Smoke Free Moms project seeks to reduce smoking during pregnancy beyond what is achieved with current counseling.

We are conducting a small prospective controlled trial with 200 women to test the feasibility of paying women to stop and continue to remain smoke-free, as documented with urine cotinine levels, throughout their pregnancy and early postpartum period. It is being conducted within three federally qualified health care systems of New Hampshire that serve low-income populations. The study design is comparing women who have cotinine levels monitored through pregnancy with subsequent women at the same sites who participate in this intervention based on behavioral economics.