Most of the people used to think that the nails are dead cells of the body and some think they are just to do nail polish. But this is not the fact the nails are the index of the body when your health condition is getting poor or becoming low immune your nails will act as the warning signal.

You should know about the nails of the body and understand that they are not only for making art. Before every serious problem that going to arise in your body, your nail will give you a warning through color change.

Simply the nails say about your health and when you take seriously about it you could save you from some sort of serious diseases.

Get to know about nails

You should get to know what kind of nails suggest about your health status because it will help you escape from serious disorders.

Pale nails

The pale nails and the pale toenails are the common sign of the aging and the survey says that mostly above 60 years of people have pale nails.

But in some cases, you can see the pale nails in the middle of an earlier age it is the sign of serious problems in some individuals. At this stage, it is better to consult the doctor about the nails becoming pale color.


Yellow nails

You can see some of the peoples have yellow nails over their fingers. It is an indication for the fungal infection at the same time the smokers may also have the yellow color nails due to the consumption of the tobacco.

These yellow nails symptoms say about the thyroid problems, psoriasis and it may the indication for diabetes. They are also called the yellow nail syndrome that will occur in the patient who is suffering from lung disease.

Blue nails

The appearance of blue color in the nail may due to the several reasons that is it may be the silver poisoning, occupational hazards, HIV infection, and cyanosis. When you have this nail appearance consult the dermatologist about it.

White nails

The white nails indicate the damages due to injury or something else. Due to the vitamin deficiency in your body, you could see the white patches over your nails.

Final thoughts

These are the fingernails disease symptoms and it is important to know it. When you have the basic knowledge about your nails you could differentiate your normal and abnormal nail tone. When you have an abnormal nail tone it is better to consult the dermatologist.